Sports are an American pastime but of course was so many different sporting events out there, and various levels of professionalism versus amateur events, it is more important than ever for sports fans to have a single place they can go for all of their up-to-date sports news and information.

Impact of Professional Behavior On and Off the Field

Sportsmanship goes hand-in-hand with ethics which is why so many of the latest news reports focus on ethical or unethical behavior of different professional athletes. Cheating or unfair play as of course completely unreasonable and it’s something that gets instilled in sportsmanship for children and adults. When athletes learn to work together, to respect one another, and to cooperate with other teammates and other teams while they are on the field, all of those lessons are guided by sportsmanship and ethics. Professional players serve as role models not just for children but for young athletes. Younger fans will try to mimic the behavior of their role models by talking and acting the way that professional athletes do. To that end when professional players are on ethical in their behavior, impressionable fans might start emulating those otherwise unwanted characteristics.

Sports is shared by people no matter their race, age, or gender. It is a very influential part of American society and international Society. Sports is used, therefore, as a vehicle to educate people and to show the important components associated with professional leadership. Players have to adhere to sportsmanlike conduct, avoiding lying to referees, faking injuries, or breaking the rules, so that they paint a good picture of how people should behave. There are many great skills that can be learned by playing sports, watching sports, and learning from professionals including:

  • the ability to identify conflicts before they arise and mediate those conflicts, something that kids can use to resolve disputes with their friends
  • the ability to communicate with people who have different points of view and find conflict resolution
  • the ability to work with schoolmates, siblings, and parents in situations of conflict
  • the ability to avoid peer pressure when it is negative peer pressure and to succumb to positive peer pressure that encourages doing the right thing

sports ethics

How Pro Athletes Make a Difference

There are many great ethical leaders in the world of professional athletes including David Beckham, Carlos Tevez, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Such ethical leaders instill responsibility and respect among their teammates, and they serve as models for younger players and children who one day want to reach that level of professional achievement in the world of sports or who simply like knowing that their professional sports role models are good people. Studies have demonstrated that children are positively influenced by the ethical and prosocial behavior they see in professional athletes. Equally important, children are impacted negatively when they see unethical behavior from their respective sports stars. Therefore, seeing well-behaved role model athletes gives children the ability to make better decisions based upon the ethical behavior they see. Having access to a wide database of sports information gives coaches, players, and fans alike the ability to search out examples of where professional athletes have demonstrated this type of behavior, this type of ethical reasoning and moral judgment. 

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