Sports events are the best way to keep in good shape and to share a new sports experience with friends – that’s why taking part to a local triathlon event has its good reasons! So many people in the US as well as in other overseas countries love to join triathlon events in their place; sports is, actually, becoming more and more important in everyone’s life, ranging from kids up to adults of all ages.triathlon sports

The sports universe is made of several and numerous sports disciplines, however, not all of them can be part of typical triathlon events. Basically, during such a sports event you will find these three main sports to play:

  1. Swimming
  2. Cycling
  3. Running

And you can find interesting triathlon events not only in the spring/summer time but also during the winter, as well.

How To Get Ready To A Triathlon Competition

Probably, what people really love in triathlon events is the opportunity to seriously compete with other athletes or sports amateurs: the winners have always the chance to get appealing rewards at the end of the competition.

If you are thinking to take part to the next triathlon, you’d better get prepared and know in advance what you’d better do in order to train and keep your body and mind in perfect shape. Here are our 7 best tips for you:

  1. Food: start to plan a balanced and appropriated diet before the event. It’s fundamental to get your body acquainted to good foods in order to make it get the most from your training. Fish, chicken, beans are excellent sources of proteins, for example.
  2. Keep in mind that your morning meal should finish at least 3 hours before your competition starts. You have to give your body the necessary time to absorb all the nutrients included in your meal.
  3. Remember that water is another core element in your nutrition program: drink as much water as your body needs (if it’s hot, drink a little more than usual).
  4. Know in advance the competition ground, so you will also know what obstacles and difficulties the track features.
  5. Buy the necessary equipment to the triathlon competitions: there are stores that sell very good semi-professional equipment at a reasonable price.
  6. Before the competition starts, take your time and warm up your body (10 to 20 minutes warm up exercises will be enough for you).
  7. Do not eat anything before to run/swim otherwise you will go through serious breathing and digestive problems during the competition.

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