Six Great Triathlons and Three Great Runs

2021 will be our 36th year! Over 189 events and over 35,000 participants. The Hare Family directs the races with race directors Ruth Bullock and Chaz Lyons.

Register for any of our triathlons during our early bird special pricing, and be entered into winning a free night stay at the beautiful Middlebury Inn the night before your race.

Look for Vermont Sun events extensive photo coverage at Pat Hendrick Photography  and our triathalon video found under the athlete section.

Vermont Sun Half Marathon, 10k, 5k

May 16, 2021

5k, 10k, & Half-Marathon
Lake Dunmore, Vermont

Vermont Sun Triathlon

June 26 (USAT State Championship Race), July 18, and August 15, 2021

600 yard Swim | 14 mile Bike | 3.1 mile Run
Aqua Bike Option – 600 yard Swim | 14 mile Bike
Lake Dunmore, Vermont

Branbury Classic

July 18, 2021

1.5 mile Paddle | 14 mile Bike | 3.1 mile Run
Aqua Bike Option-1.5 mile Paddle | 14 mile Bike
Lake Dunmore, Vermont


Lake Dunmore Triathlon

June 26 (USAT State Championship Race) & August 15, 2021

.9 Mile Swim | 28 mile Bike | 6.2 mile Run
Aqua Bike Option -.9 Mile Swim | 28 mile Bike
Lake Dunmore, Vermont

Supporting local youth sports teams, the Salisbury Fire Department, Branbury State Park and Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association’s “Lakes are Alive” campaign

Please pass on my thanks to all the people that made the Lake Dunmore Tri such a great experience! I really enjoyed the entire course. The swim was spectacular…from a person that frequently swim the Potomac, Lake Dunmore is cool and crystal clear! 
– Nick, 2019