Hey, I’m Kate!

I’ve been a strength and mobility coach for the past eight years and I’ve worked with young athletes to more experienced athletes, and everyone in between. My love of movement came from a young age as I grew up participating in a variety of sports such as basketball, tennis, swimming, and track and field. Unfortunately, I experienced several injuries that may have been prevented or at least mitigated with a proper strength and mobility program. My go-to sports now are tennis, hiking, snowboarding, running and I’ve just taken up boxing! Needless to say, my body feels way better now than it ever did when I was younger because now, I know how to train like an athlete, which includes strength, mobility, power, speed and agility exercises. It is my goal in life to make sure that athletes are given the proper foundation to excel at their sport(s) while building a solid base for their future selves so they can remain athletic well into their elder years. Do the “boring” mobility stuff now, so you can keep doing your fun hobbies for years and years to come. Once an athlete, always an athlete.


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