If you are a beginner athlete who wants to succeed in all of the three competitions of a triathlon event, that is swimming, cycling and running, you have to first and foremost get your body well prepared as well in mind.

triathlon Basic Knowledge For Beginner Athletes

Expert top coaches usually warn new athletes about the overall efforts that triathlon events require. You have to consider that each of the three competitions is different than the others, which means that you have to train for and approach each discipline in a different way.

There are also a few obstacles that you should keep in mind – after the cycling competition you may feel some pain in your legs and that could affect your performance during the other two competitions. It’s important that all beginners learn how to face a triathlon event the correct way, so as to avoid pain and other muscle troubles during or after the competitions. In order to make things easier for all beginners, we’ve made a research and found some amazing and practical tips by expert coaches that will help you shorten the learning curve and get well prepared for your first triathlon performance.

Watch Your Car Key When Going For A Triathlon!

Before to join a triathlon competition you’d better get well informed about the days, time and places where the competitions will take place. In fact, there are nationwide popular triathlon events that attract thousands of people from other places (for example, the New York City Marathon). The result is a big mess in town! Just to get started with such a big and popularly attractive event in your town, make sure that you know where to park your car during the event.

Unless you can reach the place of the competitions on foot or other means of transportation, you will need a safe place where to park your car. It would be better to go by public transportation, so you won’t risk getting your car key lost. It happens so often that triathlon athletes can’t keep their car keys in a pocket or in a bag when they go for a sports competition, which translates into very high risks to get the key lost. In case this happens, you can always call a good car locksmith from the staff of Locksmiths Locator – check out their prices for emergency and maintenance services at https://www.locksmithslocator.com/prices.

Amazing Beginner Tips For Next Triathlon Athletes

Straight to the point – you have to get ready for your first triathlon! Follow these professional tips and keep in mind that you are there to have fun all the time… the most important thing is to take part in the event.

  1. Training schedule
    You may want to be the first athlete to reach the arrival line… that’s obvious, but don’t forget that you can’t afford to stay on a training schedule which is as intensive as the one of a professional athlete, you would hurt your legs and body with no results.
    The best tip is to be realistic about what you can really do and what you’d better avoid for your body’s sake. Unsustainable workouts are to be avoided first and foremost.
  2. Train with friendstraining with friends
    This is for sure one of the smartest tips that you may receive. Organize training sessions with someone else, no matter if they are also taking part in the triathlon or they just agree to enjoy some time with you. What matters is that you can share your training efforts and time with people, enjoy your time and reach the same goals at the same time. From a psychological point of view, social training can help achieve the best results in a sports competition.
  3. Equipment
    It’s fundamental that you have the appropriate equipment for each of the sports disciplines that you are performing. However, don’t focus too much on equipment, you aren’t a professional yet! Choose equipment pieces that are comfortable and that help you improve fitness. For example, light running shoes allow you to run faster while reducing the impact on your joints.
  4. Workout priorities
    For a triathlon, you will have to take care of multiple training with a variety of workouts for each discipline. A smart tip is to give priority to most difficult or effort-demanding workouts first and then focusing on lighter workouts. You have actually to understand your goals and give the best of yourself as you are still fresh.

Keep in mind that your nutrition should also be consistent with your training, so your body will get the best energy in the most efficient way during your training sessions and, finally, during your triathlon competitions.