Lake Dunmore Triathlon

June 23 and August 18, 2024

Lake Dunmore Triathlon 2007

.9 mile swim

28 mile bike

6.2 mile run
SWIM:Mike Bazylewicz18:46
BIKE:Kevin Bouchard-Hall1:03:03
RUN:Spencer Popeson33:29
COURSE:Spencer Popeson2:03:32 (2011)
SWIM:Susan Horstmann19:39
BIKE:Julie Smith1:12:57
RUN:Catie Markesich40.56
COURSE:Kathy Rakel2:24:27

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" Just a note of thanks for running some of the best, most organized events that I have participated in. Keep up the fine work! "
- Doug Dier, Brandon, VT