Vermont Sun Triathlon

June 23, July 21, and August 18, 2024

Vermont Sun Triathlon 1993

600 yard swim

14 mile bike

3.1 mile run
SWIM:Kerry Gamble6:46
BIKE:Kevin Bouchard-Hall30:53
RUN:Brian Trainor16:29
COURSE:Tim Russell58:29 (2022)
All Time Sub-1 Hour Times
1994Mark Pitts59:43
1994Scott Stanton59:54
1995Mark Pitts59:15
1995Steve Hare59:27
1996Steve Hare59:49
1996Tom Hartpench59:33
2006Darby Thomas59:04
2010Kevin Bouchard Hill59:08
2011Brent Nichols59:51
2012Gerad Dunne59:36
2012Gary Snow59:51
7/2014Jason Frank59:45
8/2013Jason Frank59:11
2017Greg Grosicki58:33
2017Eric Florio59:45
2022Tim Russell58:29
SWIM:Jessica Gerhart7:23
RUN:Meagan Boucher18:40
COURSE:Lori Sigloch1:03:07 (1993)
All Time Sub-1:05 Times
1993Lori Sigloch1:03:07
1993Janet McCullough1:03:58
1993Janet McCullough1:04:08
1996Lori Sigloch1:04:31

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" Just a note of thanks for running some of the best, most organized events that I have participated in. Keep up the fine work! "
- Doug Dier, Brandon, VT