Running is a fun activity that many people overlook as it definitely will take you some time and effort to get yourself started. Now, running for the sake of losing weight is often a much rushed into concept. People think that they can just hit the track and that would yield immediate results. Well, the truth is slightly different.

Let’s start with the fact that you only burn 100 calories in a 10-minute normal-pace jog. In other words, if you have taken 2,500 – 3,000 calories today, you will need to run for five hours without a stop to burn these calories – theoretically. The truth is that at some point you stop burning the immediate calories and your body taps into your fat.

Bildergebnis für Joy of Running and Slim Down

However, no-one has five hours to run. Even one hour is perfectly fine. In fact, running longer would only result in more health drawbacks. So, running one hour each day is perfect, but it won’t yield any results unless you start controlling your food intake as well.

Do you want to really make a difference? Then you have to teach yourself to run every day. Morning or evening, it’s entirely up to you but you have to be up and about for it.

How Can You Succeed in Burning Calories by Running?

To succeed, you will need to develop the proper habits for running. This starts by making sure that you go to the track everyday, without any exceptions. Being consistent will help you get yourself on the track and start shedding kilos.

Now, there is a common argument that you should not eat anything an hour or two before running. This way you will tap into your fat sooner and achieve better results. Two hours is ab it extreme. An hour is enough. Plus, you can always eat a banana, for example, but nothing heavy, really.

After you are done running, you should wait another hour before you consume any food. These “specifics” of running often cut into what we are accustomed to. The truth is that if you want to derive maximum results from your running sessions you should do the following:

  • Set yourself the correct expectations
  • Start cutting out the bad food
  • Focus on consistency in your training

You need to realise that in order to retain your results, you will need to teach yourself these habits. Slimming down with the help of running is not a matter of being the best athlete on the track. Not by a chance. It’s all about consistency and proper nutrition.

But it’s that which is the difficult point, isn’t it?

What You Need to Know to Be a Successful Runner?

As things are, running can get a little tough, but this mostly comes with what your expectations are. Yes, some people can smoke and run, or even talk on the phone and run. This doesn’t have to be you. If you are out there to do this for yourself, then you shouldn’t compare with what others people can achieve.

Some are professional athletes, others have been doing this for years. If you can only run 300 metres, this is already plenty. What you need to do is run 300 metre and walk for another 100 metres. Then, what you do is to repeat this routine 10 times. Take a rest and do it again. If you can’t, just adjust yourself to what you can do.

Of course, overdoing your exercise could lead to some difficulties. If you begin experiencing certain reproductive problems, as some marathons do, you can always snap up the proper medicament:

Learn to Love Running By Setting Your Goals Objectively

Now that you know a little more about running, it’s time to see how you can make the activity work for you. You need to keep going even if it seems difficult. Inspiration quotes such as “no pain, no gain” are completely useless. If you are not focused on becoming a professional athlete, then you needn’t be in any sort of pain to begin with. Even modest running pace paired with proper food habits will show better yields than someone trying too hard, but not really being committed insofar as food is concerned.

Movement is life. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, this is somewhat bad, but the good news is that you can introduce activities that will help you break the mould and really get into your stride. With this in mind, running is a super fun activity that you can practise on your own or with others. The upshot is that you are soon going to be leading a healthier lifestyle.